How to Get AMAZING Sleep Every Night!

Do you feel happier and more productive after a fantastic night of sleep?  What if you could sleep better EVERY night?  What would the impact of that be on your life?

In this new Sleep Guide, Dr. Brues will be showing you the 26 unique and highly effective strategies he’s used to help tens of thousands of busy people like you get high quality sleep every night.  

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Academy Coach, Beth Foss has some great tips below for WOLVES (also known as night owls). 

These are tips for my fellow Wolf Chronotypes:

I’ve been doing some research on how we wolves can survive in a world filled with lions (AKA early risers).

The fact is, we can’t – nor should we try to – go against the way we’re built to function. Doing so will only lead to stress and other unhealthy conditions, and in the end we’ll still fail. We simply weren’t meant to see the sun rise. (At least not on a daily basis.)

But the most successful business people all seem to be landing big deals over breakfast while we can barely get ourselves dressed. So, what’s a wolf to do?!

Like the dolphin Chronotype, we wolves have a hard row to hoe. We can’t expect the business world to change anytime soon, so we need to adapt the best we can without sacrificing our well-being. Here are some ways that can be done. It’s not a perfect solution, but the more of them you embrace and make part of your routine, the closer you’ll be able to match the demands of your business with your energy and creativity levels.

* Make a list of everything you do in the morning before you finally sit down at your desk and get to work. Move everything you can to the night before… Choose your clothing, make your lunch (or your kids’ lunches), take a shower, set the coffee to start automatically (or at least put your cup out, ready to fill), put gas in the car, plan out your day, etc.

* To the greatest extent possible, minimize the amount of time it will take you to do the remaining things on your list. Set out your makeup and your flatiron, for instance. It saves only a few seconds, but it takes some doing and thinking off your morning plate. The goal is to be able to get up and do all your pre-work prep in no more than 45 minutes (or 30 minutes, if you can swing it). That should allow you to sleep a little longer.

* Start your day with the easy stuff. Clear out email, check on social media and your posts for the day, retrieve phone messages – all the things you can do when you’re still half asleep.

* As best you can, keep your dentist appointments and errands scheduled for the second half of your morning so you can eat lunch and be back in your seat by 1:00. Keep your meetings and conversations to the second half of your afternoon when you’re – finally – feeling pretty good about the day.

* Avoid large, starchy meals. Instead, drink lots of water and graze throughout the day on nuts, fruit, a little cheese, and so on. You don’t want to be hungry, but you want to keep your blood sugar level. (Your brain often interprets “tired” as “hungry” so we wolves can struggle with weight gain.)

* If you can swing it, move 60-90 minutes of your work day to the period after dinner. (Like, when the kids are doing homework maybe.) It’s when you’re at your best, so you need to take advantage of it. Keep that block of time for tasks and projects that require you to be the most focused or most creative. With any luck, doing this will also enable you to start your day 60-90 minutes later than you do now, too! Or you can move your workout time to early afternoon instead of evening.

* At 9:00-ish, wrap up the day and get ready for tomorrow. Dress comfortably for bed, power down the laptop, put your phone far away (preferably the other side of the house), and give yourself little TV time. (Blue light from your screens will keep you up, so if your TV doesn’t have a built-in blue light filter, get yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses on Amazon.) You need 7 to 7-1/2 hours of sleep, so work backwards to figure out how late you can stay up, and make that your “hard stop” time.

* Don’t sleep in on weekends to “catch up.” It’s said that’s like subjecting yourself to jetlag every single Monday! Stick with the same sleep and rise times no matter what.

* Invest in a great pair of earplugs. (I have ZenBuds. They play the sound of rain – my choice – until they sense I’ve fallen asleep, and my alarm goes off softly in my ear when it’s time to get up.) You want to block the sound of traffic, your ceiling fan, your partner snoring, whatever keeps you up AND provide some white noise to sooth your brain.

I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one doing my best work at night, and that there’s nothing strange or “wrong” about that at all. I’m just a wolf!”