Guide To Maximizing Your FAM Trips

People love hearing about your FAM Trips, property tours, and vacations so the more pictures and videos you take, the better. You’ll be able to create a handful of newsletter issues from this one trip.

Before you take off on your FAM Trip, map out a “series”. For example, one newsletter issue/social media episode could be on the food, another on activities, another on accommodations, etc. Focus on getting good footage (pics and videos) for each series.

In addition to that, doing a couple of Facebook lives is a great idea!! Be sure to end each Facebook live with a CTA (call to action) for people to book a free consult with you. In Module 7 you’ll create a name and pitch for your free consult.

To Fully Maximize Your FAM Trip, follow these 4 steps:

1-Before You Say “Yes” to the FAM Trip

  • Be strategic about it – does it align with your niche?
  • Are the types of clients who will want to go to this destination, your DREAM clients?
  • Will you be able to market it?

2- Before You Depart

  • Plan ahead, research itineraries, data plans, etc.
  • Where does your audience hang out?
  • Announce it to your audience (online and offline)
  • Devise strategies and goals
  • Map out a “series” so that you have a guide on what photos and videos to get
  • Plan out your posts on Social Media

3- While On Your FAM Trip

  • Be prepared with forms for note taking, camera, batteries, phone that works
  • Dress appropriately
  • Take pictures of yourself in different locations
  • Post pictures and videos then, blog later
  • Keep your notes and pictures organized

4- After Your FAM Trip

  • Follow up with the Tour Operator for any specials you can market
  • Recap and post on your blog and in e-Newsletter (run a “series” from your FAM Trip)
  • Connect with each person you met
  • Contact potential clients perfect for the destination (Postcards, emails and phone calls)

People want to see the “behind the scenes” of what you are seeing and experiencing, so post regularly and stay consistent, and you will get inquiries.

One More Tip: To post pictures that have text written on them (such as your website URL), and to edit your photos, and design any type of image, use a free easy tool called Canva.

Below is an example of what you can create with