Get More Client Referrals

A few years ago we put together a referral program for agents to implement in their travel business. We found that it was quite a bit of work for the agents to promote, track, and maintain, and the agents who simply asked their clients for referrals on a regular basis, got about the same amount of referrals without all the extra work of managing a referral program.

So instead of having an official referral program, here’s what we recommend instead:

  1.  As part of the thank you card you send your clients after they return from their trip, ask them for referrals (you could add it as a P.S.).
  2.  In your eNewsletters at least once a month, ask for referrals (you could add it as a P.S. or just incorporate the ask into the newsletter).
  3. On your social media about once a month, ask for referrals.
  4. When you’re pitching your services on Facebook Live or in a promo email or anywhere and you can say something like…

If you or anyone you know is considering a {insert type of trip you book}, you and your referrals are invited to a 30-minute complimentary vacation planning session held-over-the-phone.  You can use my online scheduler to find a time that’s convenient for you or send the link to someone you know that is looking to book a trip.  ==> (give scheduling link)

When someone refers you someone, be sure to thank them and you could send a sweet little thank you gift.